The Canadian county of Norfolk is, by all means, a great place. From its friendly populace to the lovely weather and nice sights, there are many reasons why anyone would want to visit or live in the area.

This site seeks to celebrate Norfolk County by giving details about the many nice things that are found here. The website has articles covering various topics of interest. The articles are resourceful to both visitors and people who reside in Norfolk.

All You Need To Know

There is an article designed to give a proper introduction to Ontario. It touches on various aspects of the county. These include a little history, government structure, and climate among others. The information in that article will give even those who have not travelled to Ontario an idea of what to expect- and reasons to visit.

Popular Personalities

Every place has its own share of celebrities, and so does Norfolk. The county has people who have put it on the map with their excellence in various fields. The dedicated article on popular personalities will introduce you to people who make headlines in the county. They are drawn from different disciplines like farming, sports and politics.

Benefits of Visiting Norfolk

A trip to Norfolk carries numerous benefits with it. There are health benefits, social benefits and more. This site has an article that explores these benefits in depth. It mentions the general benefits of travelling as well as benefits that are to be found specifically in Norfolk.

Places to Tour

Norfolk has great places to tour when visiting, and there’s an article that pinpoints each of these places. The county is more of a countryside region, which makes it a laid back area. Most great destinations are to be found outdoors. It also has nice museums and a lovely beach, all of which make a good case for being on a visitor’s bucket list.

Trending Stories

There are always stories happening in Norfolk, and this site looks to keep you, the reader, in that loop too. The article on trending stories discusses hot topics that are making Norfolk headlines at the moment.

The content on the site has been written through dedicated research. It is content you can trust and rely on. It will make you better informed about the entire Norfolk, as well as serve as a guide when planning to tour the county. Have fun reading!