All You Need To Know About Norfolk

Norfolk, Canada is a laid back county that rarely makes the headlines. But it is still a great place. This article provides some basic knowledge about the place and probably by the end you will have something to narrate as if you have been to the area.


Norfolk was established as a constituency in 1792. This was to help return a member to the Legislative Assembly of Upper Canada. Two years later, it was restructured and fused with Haldimand County. It hosted several townships, some of which are Charlottesville, Houghton, and Middleton among others. For several years, it remained as a merged entity until 2001 when they were dissolved. In 2001 it became a single-tier municipality. The county covers an area of 1,607.55 km2. Norfolk has had the latest population count in 2016, and from the enumeration, there were 64,044 people.


Norfolk is a county located in Canada, specifically the South-western region of Ontario Province. To help you trace the county better, you can find it on the North shore of Lake Erie.

Government Structure

The city is headed by a mayor with the help of a governing body known as The Council of Corporation of Norfolk County. The current mayor is called Kristal Chopp. They are represented by a Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of Canada known as Diane Finley. There is also a representative in the Legislative Assembly by Toby Barrett.


Temperatures in Norfolk all year round range from 17 to 79 degrees. In very rare occurrences does it go below 0 degrees or move beyond 86 degrees. Summers in the county are usually warm. Cold winters are a normal phenomenon and are accompanied by windy, dry weather. The summer lasts for about seven months, from May to September. The winter is relatively short, from December to March. There are periods when snow is experienced.

Tourist Attraction

The Canadian County has several tourist attraction sites that have made it popular. Some of the things attracting people to Norfolk include the culture, museums, festivities, among others. Famous museums include the Port Dover Harbour Museum, Waterford Heritage & Agricultural Museum, Norfolk County Archives & Eva Brook Donly Museum and many more. These museums display local history items and also agricultural and industrial history. Fascinating festivities that you will find in the county include the biker rally at Port Dover and also annual community functions in Simcoe.


Norfolk is a sporty county. This is because they have produced some hockey and rugby teams that play at the provincial level. The county boasts three hockey teams at the junior level. They include Delhi Travellers, Port Dover Sailors and Simcoe Shamrocks that are in the Provincial Hockey League.


The Grand Erie District School Board regulates education in the county. According to the requirements of the board, there should be five public high schools and sixteen public elementary schools. Some of them include the Boston Public School, Delhi Public school and Doverwood Public School, among others. There are also separate schools controlled by the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District Board. This one recommends one high school and seven elementary schools.

By this point, you probably have a basic image of what Norfolk County looks like. It is a lovely place to be, and you will love it even more if you decide to tour the area.