Popular Personalities in Norfolk

Norfolk is a county in Canada with a population of around 64, 044 people. Among these are a number of great people that make their county shine in various disciplines. Some of them are musicians, politicians and others are sportspersons. Here are some of the popular personalities in Norfolk.

Christine Bauman

Norfolk is known as an agricultural county. The county has some of the best farmers in Canada. Christine Bauman is one of the most known farmers in the county. She has been working hard on her farm since 1990. Orchards occupy the largest part of her land. They cover 15 of her 21 acres of land. That is where peaches, pears, sweet cherries, apricots and apples are produced on her piece of land. She also produces gourds, pumpkins, peas, pepper, tomatoes, eggplant, melons, herbs, shallots, spinach and cucumbers. Her success on the farm is what has contributed to her being famous in the county.

Kristal Chopp

This is the mayor of Norfolk County. She is one of the most popular politicians in the county. She is also a pilot by profession. She got into politics to help improve the state of Norfolk County. She was mostly focused on the financial status of the town. She wanted the county to gain financial stability. She is a strong woman who is still working towards her goal.

Diane Finley

She has been in politics since 2006. She was born in 1957. She has also served in the cabinet of the Prime Minister. She is currently a member of the Canadian Parliament for Haldimand Norfolk. She is a member of the conservative party. She is a strong political figure in Norfolk County. This is displayed by the number of times she has been chosen to represent the people in parliament.

Robert Proracki

He was born in Waterford. He is recognized as one of the best athletes in Canada. His most recognized success is when he was a pitcher at fastball. He played this sport for 44 years. He was a member of several teams during his times.

George and Mary Ann Pieters

They were born in the town of Simcoe. They have spent most of the time doing archery. They have contributed a lot by being coaches, role models and ambassadors in teaching people archery in Norfolk County. They have also won many trophies at both national and international levels in archery events. These two have made Norfolk famous through this exciting sport.