The Best Places to Tour When Visiting Norfolk

Norfolk is one of the best places to visit in Ontario. The county has some of the best natural sceneries in Ontario province. It is a great place to gain some knowledge about food due to the high level of Agri-tourism in the county. The locals are also very friendly. Norfolk County also has great tourist destinations such as the long point beach. It is also a great place to visit if you want to experience great eco-adventure. Here are some of the best places you should consider touring when visiting Norfolk.

Whistling Gardens

This is the best place to visit if you are really interested in having a great view of the environment. The green plants give a quality background for a great Instagram picture. You can also take photos from the gardens to add to your great photo gallery. The garden is filled with plants from around and also others that are very rare. it sits on a 20+ acre piece of land. This botanical garden is the best place to have a picnic. You just have to remember to take your camera with you when you visit this place for you will really need to capture the fun moments for keepsake.

Waterford Heritage and Agricultural Museum

This is one of the hidden gems in Norfolk. Your mind will be totally blown away by the exhibits that are in this museum. The museum shows the great history of the people of Waterford. The museum is located in a building which was a canning factory. The building is now referred to as the Pickle Factory. The museum has canning labels placed as exhibits to show some history about the people of that area. This is the best place to visit if you really want to learn about the people of that area.

Lynn Valley Trail

This trail was formerly a rail line. It is now a 10 km trail that is between Port Dover and Simcoe. This is a perfect destination for bike riding and hiking. The trail winds through, open grasslands, wetlands, Lynn River and mixed woods. A hike on this trail would help a lot in clearing one’s mind as they enjoy the natural sceneries of the area. It is also a great place to take pictures to add to your gallery.

The Black Bridge at Waterford Ponds

This bridge is 166 meters long. This is a great place to have an excellent view of the beautiful sceneries in Norfolk. You get to have a great view of the trails, nearby farmlands and the water ponds. You can access the bridge using trails from, Simcoe, Brantford, Port Dover and Delhi. The water ponds under the bridge are great fishing areas in the summer. The bridge provides a great position for photographers to take beautiful snaps of the area.

Long Point

Everybody likes visiting the beach on a hot sunny day. This is the perfect beach to visit while in Norfolk. The beach stretches about 20 miles into Lake Erie. It is a great place to pass time as you enjoy the sand.

Quance Park and Mill

This is the ultimate picnic destination in Norfolk. You get to enjoy the cool atmosphere as you get a great scenic treat of the park and the Quance dam. You can also go kayaking on the Creek River and see how closely the area resembles the Amazon.