Trending Stories Happening in Norfolk

Norfolk County covers a large area of approximately 1607.55 km2. Within that area, there are definitely a lot of things happening making headlines daily. Some are from the political section, others concerning the economy while others are celebrity gossip. Stories that will catch your attention today include:

County OPP in Norfolk Reminds People about Crossing Guard

This came immediately after a vehicle failed to stop on sight of a crossing guard which was meant to help two children cross the road. The County OPP’s attention was drawn due to the fact that it was a near miss. In their statement, the Ontario Provincial Police reminded drivers of the need to observe traffic rules and signs and follow them. Also, there are penalties if found guilty of not obeying the crossing guard. It attracts a fine of $180 and three demerit points are deducted from your driving license.

Inexperienced Drone User Misdirects A Drone Outside Bedroom Window

A woman reported to the Ontario Provincial Police to have been allegedly recorded in her home by a device attached to a drone. Her claim was that she found a drone outside her bedroom window in the afternoon hours while she was changing. A blue light caught her attention and on approaching the window, she saw a man leaving her compound after shouting at him. After investigation, police found out that the man was an amateur drone owner who was training and had come clean before the police to report the incident.

Two Bodies Found in Simcoe Home

The Ontario police are underway with investigations concerning bodies of two people which were found in a home located in Simcoe, a male and female whose identities haven’t been released. According to the police, they were called at around 11 a.m. From their press address, they said that they were not in a position to answer most questions but a post mortem is set to be conducted and all the information will be revealed.

Police Seeking Suspect Who Broke-in and Poured Urine in a Home

The OPP are looking for a suspect who broke into a Washington Street home and left a huge amount of urine. Police claim that nothing was stolen from the break-in.

Sexual Content sent to An Unknown Person by a 12-year Old

The police have alarmed caregivers and parents to be keen to observe their kids’ behaviours after a parent reported a case of her daughter sending disturbing sexual images to an unidentified person.