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Welcome to the best resource for most things related to Norfolk, Ontario. This site takes a look at different topics about the Canadian county, seeking to benefit both residents and visitors. To make it easy to navigate the site, the content has been divided into different sections. You can easily find the topic of your interest by looking at the following.

About Norfolk

This section discusses the county in general, outlining its history, population and system of government. It highlights the weather conditions across different months of the year. This information can be helpful for visitors in picking the best time of the year to visit Norfolk.

Best Places to Visit

Again, a person planning to tour Norfolk will love this section as it highlights the best places to go. Depending on what one intends to achieve during a visit to the county, different locations have diverse offerings.

What’s Trending

Readers of the site will benefit from knowing what is going on in different places within the county. This dedicated section touches on the stories that are making headlines in a summarised fashion. That means that, without having to spend time jumping from site to site, readers are brought up to speed in one place.

Famous Personalities

This section discusses people who are well-known within Norfolk, some even beyond. It looks at the things that make them famous and how they have impacted the county. These are the people a traveller is likely to meet or hear about when visiting the area. It is prudent to know them beforehand in case you get to interact with them.

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